Clean Design

Award-Winning Finalist in the "Best Interior Design" category of the 2015 International Book Awards

Sixty million Americans—that’s one in five of us—have asthma and allergies. We sneeze, sniffle, and itch. We cough, wheeze, and struggle to breathe. Expose us to a whiff of dust, a gust of pollen, a sniff of perfume, or an encounter with an inquisitive housecat, and before we know it, our airways start to close up. Asthma and allergies can’t be cured. But they can be managed. We can prevent sneezing, wheezing, and other common allergy and asthma symptoms by avoiding the allergens that trigger them.

Unfortunately, instead of being a sanctuary, the average home is a full of allergy and asthma triggers. Dust mites hide in beds and pillows. Mold grows in bathrooms and basements. Pollen from outdoor trees and grasses infiltrates bedrooms. Fumes from chemical cleaners and environmentally unfriendly building materials permeate indoor air.

You can change all that. Using the Clean Design strategies in this book, you can create a healthy home environment that protects your family from the dust, mold, pollen, fumes, odors, airborne toxins, and other substances that set off allergies and asthma. You can create an allergen-free environment that nurtures good health. A home decorated with Clean Design can be every bit as dazzling as an allergy-triggering home. With Clean Design, every room of your home, from attic to basement, entryway to bedroom, can look sensational…while protecting your family from allergy and asthma triggers.

Clean Design isn’t just about better health—it’s also about stunning style. The book landed on newsstands in April 2015 and has been well received. Media Coverage

Clean Design was selected as a Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Winner in the Adult Books category (April 2015)

Clean Design hits Amazon ranking at #1 in Books-Decorating, #1 Kindle-Decorating, and
#1 Kindle-Cleaning, Caretaking, and Relocating (June 2015)

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